Christina Wang (Kellogg '13) // May 7, 2013

Do you cringe at the site of untouched food, outgrown clothing, or perfectly good appliances that are simply thrown into a dumpster? Do you ever stop to think about the changing environment, or wonder how you can help reduce waste or give back to the community? 

Every year thousands of Northwestern students move out, and a lot of useable items are simultaneously thrown away into landfills. Move In Move Out (MIMO) is an initiative started by Northwestern and Kellogg students to recycle these items! MIMO will essentially collect unwanted, useable items and re-sell them at affordable prices to incoming and returning students. Unsold items are donated to local charities. Students moving out will benefit by having helpful hands move their excess items out. Students moving in will have a one-stop shop for inexpensive last-minutes items they may need for the school year.

MIMO is getting ready to fully launch in June 2013! There have already been successful winter and spring quarter pilots, primarily targeting exchange students. Keep an eye out for MIMO events in the upcoming weeks.

Want to learn more about MIMO or interested in participating? Check out their website, or like them on Facebook for updates.

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    Christina Wang is the head of marketing for MIMO